Caddie + Golf Services

to further enhance your experience at Streamsong®

Rates for Caddie & Golf Services
  • Forecaddies – $80-$100 plus gratuity per group (1-4 players) cash payment directly to the caddie
  • Walking Caddies – $80-$100 plus gratuity per bag, cash payment directly to the caddie
  • Riding Golf Carts – $35 per player, per round. A forecaddie is required for all riding players at all times.
  • Pull/Push Carts – $15 per player, per round
  • Rental Clubs – $75 per set (includes six golf balls)
Caddie Services
Caddie Services

Welcome to Streamsong, a new kind of resort that takes the everyday ordinary to the absolutely extraordinary. A resort where golf is both a quest for perfection and an art form. A retreat that is the ultimate escape for relaxation, enrichment and rejuvenation. A place where the surrounding ecosystems are as deeply valued as the time you’ll spend with us.

We believe the best way to experience the game of golf at Streamsong® Blue and Streamsong® Red is by walking with a caddie. As such, to further enhance your experience, the same caddie will remain with you for your entire stay. Caddies come to Streamsong Resort with a variety of backgrounds and experiences and their skills have been honed at some of the most exclusive resorts and private clubs across the country. Please let us know of your caddie requirements prior to your visit so we can pair you with a caddie who can best fit your needs.

Caddie Requests
Caddie Requests

Whether it is a caddie from a previous visit or a recommendation, we consider it a great compliment if you wish to request a specific caddie. Since we schedule our caddies in advance, however, requests should be made well ahead of your visit—especially as Streamsong caddies are independent contractors who choose their work. They may not be available because of conflicting requests or planned time off; if that is the case, we will provide you with an excellent replacement.

Given the volume of bags carried at Streamsong, our caddies are skilled in carrying two bags. Although there are occasions where we can provide single-bag caddies, we are not able to guarantee this service. Our mission is to enhance your experience, and we have found that our caddies are able to accomplish this goal while still carrying two bags.

In addition to caddies who carry bags, we have forecaddies available to assist should you be riding. Forecaddies can guide you through the individual course routings, give presentations of each hole, assist with all chores (i.e. bunker care) and offer advice on yardage and putts. One forecaddie is able to assist your foursome through your round of golf, further enriching the golf experience while at Streamsong Resort.

Caddie Fees
Caddie Fees

At Streamsong, caddies and forecaddies are paid in cash, with the amount of any fee at the sole discretion of the player. Our expectation is that a caddie’s performance will exceed your expectations and warrant at least the average fee.

Our objective is to enhance your time at Streamsong Blue and Streamsong Red by utilizing a caddie. If you wish to comment on a caddie’s performance, please feel free to contact our Caddie Services Department at (813) 399-9470. We welcome your impressions, and want to ensure we have met your goals, as well as ours.

Please contact Chip Brooke, Caddie Master at 541.808.4494 or [email protected] to schedule a caddie for your upcoming visit or for any questions regarding your caddie experience.

(Only contracted caddies with Streamsong Resort are allowed to caddie on Streamsong Blue, Streamsong Red and Streamsong Black.)

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