Florida Bass Fishing Hall Of Fame

The Florida Bass Fishing

Hall of Fame

From freshwater and saltwater fishing to deep-sea and fly-fishing, Florida has long been known as an angler’s paradise. It has the highest number of saltwater anglers in the United States and leads all states in economic impact for its fresh and saltwater recreational fisheries.

It’s also home to the International Game Fishing Association, the world’s foremost global authority on record-breaking fishing, which is only fitting since Florida has more world-record fish catches than any other state or country.
No wonder Florida is considered the “Bass Fishing Capital of the World”.

And one of the very best bass fishing areas in the entire state can be found at Streamsong®.

Our pristine streams and lakes offer unparalleled fishing—and if you’re one of the fortunate ones to catch a bass of 8 lbs. or more, you’ll become a member of Florida’s Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to the following anglers for reeling in the big one…at Streamsong.

Gene Elsbree Greenbrae, CA 9.12 lbs.
Dawn Hunter 9.10 lbs.
Jim Mattson New York, NY 8.6 lbs.
Rick McLellan Bonita Springs, FL 8.2 lbs
James Bugg Palatka, FL 9.1 lbs.
Damean Collins Lancaster, NH 10.2 lbs.
Dale Lowenstein Atlanta, GA 8.2 lbs.
Jim Vetter Mansfield, TX 10.2 lbs.
Carl Olson Sarasota, FL 11 lbs.
Braden Ashworth Rome, GA 11 lbs.
Will Oliver Saint Petersburg, FL 10.8 lbs.
Jon Johnson Tallahassee, FL 10.7 lbs.
Jim Hurley Two bass
10.4 lb. and 8.2 lb.
Frank Cawthon Windermere 10.3 lbs.
Carlos Rodriguez Miami 10.2 lbs
Kevin Cocrcoran Saint John, IN 10.2 lbs.
Mike Ashmead Lakeland, FL 10 lbs.
JD Williams Athens, GA 10 lbs.
Steven Chapman Island Heights, NJ 10 lbs.
Erik Prinz Leesburg, VA 10 lbs.
Bill Read Lakeland, FL 10 lbs.
Cleave Richardson Columbus, OH 10 lbs.
Nancy Whipkey Stillwater, MN 10 lbs.
Lydia Kelley Chicago, IL 9.8 lbs.
Chris Pycraft Wooster, OH 9.8 lbs.
Addison Mack Minnesota 9.8 lbs.
Mark Fleidcher Farmington Hills, MI 9.5 lbs.
Bob Reeves Fort Worth, TX 9.5 lbs.
Wade Eslinger Boyd, WI 9.5 lbs.
Bill Read Lakeland, FL 9.1 lbs.
John McGuigan Ontario, Canada Two bass
8 lbs. and 9 lbs.
Todd Dezoort Tuscaloosa, Alabama 9 lbs.
Jim Coffey The Woodlands, TX 9 lbs.
Beth Daniels LPGA 9 lbs.
Howard Jaslow 9 lbs.
Clayton Johnson Dellwood, MN 9 lb.
Sterling Hitchcock Naples, FL 9 lbs.
Alex Kumiski Chuluota, FL 9 lbs.
Trey Talley Fort Meade, FL 9 lbs.
Addison Mack Minnesota 9 lbs.
Kevin Knight Leesburg, VA 8.9 lbs.
Gus Fish Boston, MA 8.9 lbs.
Marvin Monsrud Washougal, WA Two bass
8.8 lbs. and 8.7 lbs.
Robin Tiller Canton, GA 8.8 lbs.
Robin Tiller Canton, GA 8.8 lbs.
Nole Bartlo Buffalo, NY 8.7 lbs.
Ryan Kaliban Atlanta, GA 8.7 lbs.
Tim Wilhite 8.6 lbs.
John Helliwell Hinsdale, IL 8.6 lbs.
Arnold Cohen Boca Raton,FL 8.5 lbs.
Erik Frick Orlando, FL 8.5 lbs.
Eric Hanson 8.5 lbs.
Tyler Ramsdell Whitefield, NH 8.5 lbs.
Lawrence Von Rumohr Odem, TX 8.5 lbs.
Madison Wyant Bartow, FL 8.5 lbs.
Alex Gross Jefferson, NH 8.4 lbs.
Dylan Messer Bartow 8.4 lbs.
Brian Shunk Boynton Beach, FL 8.4 lbs.
Dwight Alcala Holly Springs, GA 8.4 lbs.
Leslie McMahon Oldsmar, FL 8.4 lbs.
Sally Susman New York City, NY 8.4 lbs.
Klaus Wenger Jacksonville, FL 8.4 lbs.
Bill Casey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 8.3 lbs.
Sathish Chandra Chattanooga, TN 8.3 lbs.
Joe Savage Sarasota, FL 8.3 lbs.
Coleen Miller Myakka City, FL 8.3 lbs.
Homer Zulaica Palm Beach Gardens 8.2 lbs.
Brad Hilleary Muskegon, MI 8.2 lbs.
Ron Olson Valrico, Fl 8.2 lbs.
Kevin Kennedy Naples, FL 8.2 lbs.
Allan Keen Winter Park, FL 8.2 lbs.
Robert Kirby Vero Beach, FL 8.2 lbs.
Zachary Silver Brooklyn, New York 8.2 lbs.
Pete Wells San Diego, California 8.2 lbs.
Chris Stone Lakeland, FL 8.2 lbs.
Sunil Parma London, UK 8.1 lbs.
Howard Brown Lake Wales, FL 8.1 lbs.
Peter Feeney Chelsea, MI 8.1 lbs.
Jeremy Senften Canton, OH 8.1 lbs.
Ted Knighton Fairfax, VA 8.1 lbs.
Dennis McGuire Stuart, FL 8.1 lbs.
Leonard Mass Lakeland, FL 8.1 lbs.
David Wyant Bartow, FL 8 lbs.
Robert Ramsdell Whitefield, NH 8 lbs.
Alexander Harper Tampa 8 lbs.
Bob Izumi Ontario, Canada 8 lbs.
Ivo Rufo (with his two sons) Needham, MA 8 lbs.
Billy Mosby Richmond,VA 8 lbs.
Steve Mosby Annapolis, MD 8 lbs.
Scott Stephens Jacksonville, FL 8 lbs.
Susan Ward Stillwater, MN 8 lbs.
Nancy Whipkey Stillwater, MN 8 lbs.
Susan Maurer Lutz, FL 8 lbs.
Ed Moodie Littleton, NH 8 lbs.
Alexander Harper Tampa, FL 8 lbs.