Bride With Flowers At Florida Wedding Resort


“I always imagined our special day would be in a setting as perfect as the life we have planned together. A place that is as memorable as the very moment we first met.”

Imagine A Streamsong Wedding

Streamsong is a one-of-a-kind wedding destination refreshingly different in every way possible. The uniqueness is unveiled from the very moment you arrive and the memories created here will surely last a lifetime. Here you will discover a chic luxury lakeside destination resort swaddled in 16,000 acres of stunning scenery and hushed seclusion, ideal for life’s most special occasions.

Our modern lakeside lodge is the focal point but it’s the natural surroundings that envelop you that will take your breath away. The resort offers beautiful indoor spaces with vaulted ceilings that spill out to expansive lawns and serene vistas, and striking outdoor venues offering dramatic backdrops. Highly personalized services bring it all together in a way you’ve only imagined.

Christina Wiedersheim 


Streamsong Resort

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