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To bring every creative component of Streamsong to spectacular life—both in reality and in the virtual world—it takes a stellar team of inspired minds and bodies dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. Strategically, we’ve put together such a creative team, and arguably, it’s one of the best teams to be found anywhere on the continent.

Introducing the creative heart of Streamsong.

About Alfonso Architects, Inc.

Alfonso Architects, Inc. is a 35-person architectural design firm with current offices in Tampa, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Milan, Italy. Founded in 1988 by Cuban-born brothers Carlos and Alberto Alfonso, and Angel del Monte, Alfonso Architects has won over 40 project-specific AIA Design Awards. Representative design projects include the Nielsen Media Research Global Technology Center, a 650,000 square foot office and technology campus in Oldsmar, Florida, and the Tampa International Airport Southwest Airlines Terminal, a 110,000 square foot airside. Both of these projects received the AIA Award of Honor.

Philosophically, Alberto Alfonso’s design process relies on the development of a project-specific architectural design idea that is grounded in site, program history and region. An accomplished painter, Alfonso’s process also utilizes painting, sketching, wood and steel models, and 3D computer technology to investigate design solutions. His work is heavily influenced by climate and the celebration of light referencing his Cuban heritage. There is a strong emphasis on materiality investigation to achieve an architectural expression that is both timeless and vigorous in detail.

About Lambrecht Photography

Owner-artist Larry Lambrecht of Lambrecht Photography has over 20 years’ experience as an award-winning professional photographer, including extensive work in creating successful photographic campaigns for a wide range of clients. With a particular emphasis on the world of golf, Lambrecht Photography has been featured in every major golf-related publication, with considerable contributions to several international book projects. The company supports an extensive library of images for its clients, and has archived digital and film stock images of golf from around the world. Lambrecht’s library of Ireland’s links golf is the most extensive followed by the United States, and images of Scotland, Mexico, South America, Australia, Caribbean and South Africa—all covering the most prominent venues in each region.

As a golfer and artist, Larry Lambrecht chooses the perspective of the architect’s plan for playing the hole, and through careful scouting and evaluation, he is able to photograph each course he experiences, and then deliver the photos a client expects.


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