Body Services

Want to give your skin the benefits of exfoliation, hydration, and renewal, feel supple, smooth, and strong, and reconnect with your vitality? Then treat yourself to one of the many professional spa body treatments at AcquaPietra. Both you, and your body, will be glad you did.

Detox Mud Wrap

Detoxify and eliminate harmful toxins from the body, while providing essential minerals and trace elements such as vitamins A, B1, C, and E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and essential amino acids. This amazing treatment reveals a renewed level of clarity to the complexion.

Includes: Body exfoliation, mud wrap, scalp massage or foot massage, shower, and body hydration.

50 min • 80 min

Milk & Honey Ritual

This exotic treatment uses Fijian honey, coconut milk, and exotic oils to exfoliate, hydrate, and renew skin’s moisture balance. High in anti-aging and healing vitamins A, C, and E that are readily utilized by the skin, keeping it strong and supple. Invigorates and brings vitality to the body.

Includes: Body exfoliation, shower, body hydration, wrap, foot and scalp massage.

50 min • 80 min

Firm & Tone

Rehydrate and mineralize skin while improving elasticity and collagen production to tighten, contour, and tone. This treatment includes exhilarating upward motion massage techniques used to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Includes: Dry brushing, exfoliation, mud wrap, scalp and foot massage, shower, and body hydration.

80 min

Salt Glow

Uncover smooth, glowing skin with this gentle exfoliation derived from Dead Sea salts and essential oils.

Includes: Body exfoliation and body butter application to restore hydration.

50 min