Body Wrap Spa Treatment at Streamsong Resort

Body Services

Moisture Drench Seaweed Wrap

This ultimate skin conditioning treatment for the body; deeply infuses depleted minerals back into the skin; leaving the skin silky, smooth and hydrated. Features NATUROPATHICA SEAWEED BODY WRAP and SEA FENNEL MASSAGE WAX.

50 min | $190 • 80 min | $245

Espresso Detoxifying Mud Wrap

This detoxifying treatment starts with a vigorous exfoliation with volcanic Pumice and Coffee Arabica to stimulate circulation, followed by wrap with mineral-rich Black Silt Clay and herbal extracts of Indian Sarsaparilla and Honey to help firm the skin.

80 min | $245

Lemon Verbena Hydrating Treatment

A two-step body polish and hydrating wrap; leaving the skin radiant and deeply nourished. Bright citrus notes of NATUROPATHICA LemonVerbana blended with Aloe Vera, Oat Protein and Shea Butter; softens the skin and eases discomfort of dryness. The following the body polish; the body is drenched in a soothing and smoothing treatment to promote deep hydration.

80 min | $250

Luscious Body Scrubs

Choose from three luxurious scrubs, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky while giving a beautiful glowNATUROPATHICA Lemongrass Mimosa Scrub, Espresso Mud Scrub, or Rosemary Citron Sea Salt Scrub.

50 min | $190