Nirvana Signature Stress Relief Massage

Experience Nirvana with this deeply revitalizing massage treatment using aromatherapy and deep tissue massage to wring stress out of tension-bound muscles and includes a detailed arm and hand massage to relieve computer/overwork fatigue using NATUROPATHICA’S Mighty Mint Rescue Cream. Choose from NATUROPATHICA’S four Aromatic Alchemy blends of exotic herbs and essences featuring ingredients such as warm and spicy Cardaom, hypnotic Neroli, clarifying Balsam Fir and energizing Holy Basil to re-boot the mind.

80 min • $260

Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue

Created especially to relax sore muscles, tendons and stiff joints by using firm pressure, and trigger point therapy. NATUROPATHICA Alpine Arnica Oil enhances the muscle health and flexibility while restoring natural muscle balance.

50 min • $195
80 min • $250

Rest or Balance Aromatherapy

A therapeutic massage using essential oils and slow massage techniques designed to achieve restoration and balance. You can choose between two blends to customize your aromatherapy experience to achieve deep relaxation. NATUROPAHTICA Rest is a blend of Lavender Blossoms; while NATUROPATHICA Balance is a blend of Ginger Root Oil.

50 min • $195
80 min • $250

Sports and Wellness with Aromatherapy

Whether preparing muscles for a specific activity or post game stress and tension from overuse; the active stretching and vigorous massage techniques combined with Alpine Arnica muscle and joint oil are guaranteed to improve your overall movement.

50 min • $195
80 min • $250

Hot River Basalt Stone with Aromatherapy

A deeply relaxing massage using heated River Basalt Stones combined with your choice between Lavender blossoms or Ginger Root blended oil that will melt the stress, and tension right out of sore muscles. The heated stones improve blood flow through the muscle tissue promoting optimal muscle health.

50 min • $195
80 min • $250

Mother to Be Prenatal

This massage is customized to the needs and comfort of the expectant mother and is available after the first trimester.

50 min • $190


This classic relaxation massage uses light to medium pressure and long flowing strokes to promote wellbeing. The Swedish massage aids in circulation, reduces stress and soothes sore joints and muscles while promoting detoxification of the lymphatic system.

50 min • $190
80 min • $245

Infinite Loving Couples

Enjoy the Swedish Massage side by side in our luxurious couples suite.

50 min • $380
80 min • $490

Massage Enhancements

These add-on services are available in conjunction with any 50/80 Min massage Service. They will increase treatment time.


Wild Lime Scalp Treatment

25 min • $75

Peppermint Foot Therapy

25 min • $75

Body Scrub

25 min • $75

Peppermint Hand & Arm Therapy

25 min • $75




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