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Hole-in-One Hall of Fame at Streamsong

It’s the veritable holy grail for every golfer worldwide. The coveted hole-in-one. The first-ever recorded was scored by the remarkable Young Tom Morris in 1868. Statistically, the odds of making an ace on a Par-3 are not very favorable. Golf Digest conducted a scientific study and broke the odds down by player type: A tour player scoring an ace would be 3,000 to 1; A low-handicapper would be 5,000 to 1; An average player 12,000 to 1. And if the hole is 200 yards? 150,000 to 1. What about the almost unheard of double-eagle, or albatross? Odds are literally 1,000,000 to 1.

Congratulations to the following Streamsong golfers for achieving perfection. To card a hole-in-one or a double eagle is an incredible achievement for any golfer. It’s even more spectacular when it happens at Streamsong.

Hole in One Hall of Fame